גנבת את הקדרה שלי, אך לא את ליבי
מידע על השיר
ביצע/ה את השיר

סלסטינה וורבק

"גנבת את הקדרה שלי, אך לא את ליבי" הינו שיר הנושא של האלבום הנמכר ביותר של סלסטינה וורבק.

מילות השיר באנגליתעריכה

You think you're quite the wizard, got me under your spell,
But guess what, Mister Wizard, you don't know me so well
You thought you were so clever, but, in truth, you're a crook
And no way you're gettin' away with all the things that you took

You stole my cauldron
My favourite black hat
Purloined my owl
Then flew off like a vampire bat
You claimed that you loved me
Said we'd never part
Then you stole my cauldron
(Oh, you stole her cauldron)
But you can't have my heart.

Oh, sure, you're quite the dancer, swept me off of my feet
But back here on the ground, I see a liar and cheat
And when you disappeared at first it's me who I blamed
But now I see you're wicked as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

You stole my cauldron
The toads from my pond
Crystal phials of my memories
Plus my larch and phoenix feather wand
But don't think that you broke me
Cause you ain't all that smart
See, you stole my cauldron
(Stole her favourite cauldron)
But you can't have my heart.

(You stole her cauldron)
Go on and take it!
(Her hippogriff, too!)
Careful, he bites.
(Her dragon skin coat)
You can have it!
If that's worth so much to you.
But love, love is priceless
Like a rare work of art
Yes, you stole my cauldron
(She can buy a new cauldron)
But you can't have —
You can't have —
You can't have my heart!
(No, no, no, you stole her cauldron)
(No, no, no, you stole her cauldron)
Not my heart!
(No, no, no, you stole her cauldron)
You stole my cauldron, but you can't have my heart!
(Her heart!)'

מאחורי הקלעיםעריכה

  • ניתן להאזין לשיר המלא כאן


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